10 Great Things You Don’t Want To Miss in Southlake, TX

Southlake, TXLooking to move to a new city, without the craziness of a big city?

Southlake, TX is the home you are looking for.

Located just outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, there are plenty of things for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a little adventure, a quick commute, or a community-focused town for your kids to grow up in, Southlake, TX can deliver.

Here Are 10 Great Reasons to Live in Southlake, TX

1. Commuting Has Never Been Easier

Are you a weekend jet-setter or business frequent flyer?

Southlake is located just fifteen minutes from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, making travel a breeze.

To get around town during the week, commuting is simple.

More than 90% of locals get to and from work by car. Don’t fret, although most of the town is hustling and bustling to reach their destination, the advanced roadways allow for everyone to be on time.

For the best drive times and traffic updates, stay up to date with local resources. The North Texas Tollway Authority has two Twitter accounts for simple news and update searching.

If you prefer to stroll around town rather than driving from place to place, the Southlake Town Square will become one of your favorite areas. Home of many local and national restaurants and shops, as well as a popular venue for town events, the square always has something to do.

It is the perfect place for an afternoon coffee or a Saturday shopping from store to store.

2. Raise Smart Kids

The Carroll Independent School District fosters sharp students beyond the classroom.

Creating success from elementary to high school, there are five schools in the district named National Blue Ribbon Schools by the U.S. Department of Education. The breakdown is three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school currently holding this award.

Across the district, though, are high attendance rates and low drop out rates. Students regularly score above average on standardized tests and excel in other areas of schooling as well.

Students’ efforts in extra curricular and in the classroom have earned the Carroll ISD the UIL Lone Star Cup four years in a row. From 2012-2015, the district had the highest number of points in academics, athletics, and fine art competitions.

Committed to “creating an environment that fosters excellence“, kids in the Carroll ISD have multiple resources to tap into their full potential and prepare for college success.

3. Stay Healthy in the Healthcare Hub

Southlake, TX is home to a wide range of high-class and highly recognized medical centers.

Offering services from elite physicians and hospitals, Southlake is home to Harris Methodist Hospital, Baylor Grapevine, and Cook Children’s Hospital.

Harris Methodist is home to above 90% satisfaction across the board. Their success includes communication with doctors and nurses, staff responsiveness, pain management, and likelihood of making a recommendation.

Numerous awards rank the establishment a best place to work both locally and nationally. President Traci Bernard has won the President’s Award, Healthcare Hero, Who’s Who in Healthcare, and ranks in the 10 Most Successful, Influential, and Beautiful Women in NE Tarrant County.

Many other employees have put Harris Methodist’s standards and success on the map.

Baylor Grapevine is one of the 15 Baylor Scott & White hospitals to receive more combined national rankings and high-performance rates than competing Texas health groups. The Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas is number 1 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

It is right around the corner for Southlake, TX residents looking for treatment or to participate in cutting edge research.

At Cook Children’s Hospital, no little one is left behind.

Rated a 2017 Best by U.S News in 5 areas of healthcare, the team at Cook’s is doing many things right. Cook Children’s Hospital network has specialists in over 30 ranges of healthcare around 60 Texas locations.

4. Business is Booming

With high performing school and hospital systems, it is no wonder the most popular industry category in Southlake, TX is Educational Services and Health Care. Ranking at 17.8% of the local workforce, it is trailed by Professional, Scientific, and Management at 17%.

Finance and Real Estate comes in at 15.8% as another buzzing business opportunity. Other popular industries include Manufacturing and Retail Trade.

Overall, employment is at a healthy 96.5%. The median household income averages around $180,000, allowing families to enjoy a good quality of life and engage in boosting the local economy.

5. Nature Calls

Southlake, TX is a beautiful city surrounded by beautiful nature trails.

Living here turns any afternoon or weekend into an adventure. All it takes is a drive to the local square and picking a spot in a nearby park area.

Rustin Family Park has a beautiful pond and two fountains. It is home to a pavilion looking out to Southlake Town Square and a lovely place for an afternoon read with a cup of coffee.

For those that enjoy an outdoor run instead of the treadmill, McPherson Park’s loop trail is the perfect route. Running along 3.4 acres of land, this local trail takes you on a nature escape in the middle of an urban area.

On the other side of town awaits Summit Park. Similar to McPherson, trails are waiting to test your running time or to go for a lazy stroll. Benches and ornamental grasses are set up along the park to remind residents to slow things down every once in a while.

Getting outside can also mean going to watch a local sports event or hopping on a trail ride.

Marshall Creek Ranch sits just outside of town. The ranch offers authentic western-style trail riding for beginners and experts alike. It is popular among the locals and a hit for any out-of-towners passing through.

If you are particularly interested in getting outside on the back of your favorite pony, Marshall Creek Ranch also offers boarding.

Additionally, lacrosse and baseball tournaments regularly frequent the area. This boosts tourism and adds another form of outdoor entertainment for the locals. Game days are something the whole family can enjoy.

If just for a day or to fit your lifestyle, there is something waiting in Southlake, TX to experience the great outdoors.

6. Adventure is Around Every Corner

For other options or indoor activities, options range from cooking classes to the arts and more.

There is never a dull moment in Southlake, TX.

Family-friendly activities are available for the active and creative ones alike.

Urban Air Trampoline Park is the perfect place to go to let out some youthful energy and have a lot of fun. Kids and adults can enjoy an entire room of trampolines and foam pools to bounce around.

For an unusual kind of thrill, Red Door Escape Rooms will challenge the whole family to think on their feet and under pressure. Escape rooms are popping up across the country as a fun, new option for family and group outings. This is sure to pick your brain and pump your heart as you work together to solve the simulated situation at hand.

If you are looking to unwind or treat someone special, like mom or grandma, look no further than local spas. These businesses are owned by your neighbors to treat your loved ones, and you! Spas are all around town to relieve stress and have a special outing.

Other activities include paint and pottery studios, cooking classes, yoga classes, and more.

When in doubt, just take a drive to the Southlake Town Square. Local events happen all year round to celebrate the local community and give families another reason to get out on the town.

7. Big Thrills Are Waiting, Too

For the hardcore thrill seekers in the family, a drive to Arlington from Southlake, TX is an ideal weekend getaway.

There you will find Six Flags Over Texas, a jam-packed, action-filled attraction anyone can enjoy. Over 40 amusement rides call Six Flags home, ranging from kids rides to big heights offering the ultimate adrenaline rush.

The fun does not stop there. Entertaining shows range from Chart Toppers, a favorite for the music lovers, to Looney Tunes Hip Hop Bash to treat the little ones. Don’t miss a celebration of the great wild west with Texas Justice.

Top off the experience with dining passes at any of the delicious food halls or wrap up the day just in time to catch a special event.

From daring rides to kid-friendly fun, Six Flags Over Texas is the perfect place for a Southlake, TX resident’s staycation.

8. Art is Everywhere

Art comes in many forms anywhere you go. In Southlake, TX, there is no exception and all the reason to jump into the creative community.

Camp Big Read is a great example of Southlake residents’ efforts to provide fun, new forms of learning and expression. The camp is a virtual summer program funded by the Southlake Library and local businesses collaborating.

It is a two-month program focused on encouraging young readers and exploration. Special activities, prize incentives, and hands-on learning experiences bring everything together for learning moments like no other.

The city of Southlake, TX also provides eBooks for the residents looking to step up their reading on their own time.

Other art mediums include supporting local art in the downtown shops. The Southlake Town Square hosts annual Art in the Square events that are nationally ranked for their creative successes.

9. Community Comes First

There are over fifteen local boards and committees dedicated to advising City Council and benefiting the overall quality of life of the residential community.

Southlake, TX boards range from the Community Engagement Committee to the Southlake Arts Council, to Students and Parents Against Risk to Our Kids.

The Community Engagement Committee focuses on outreach programs and community engagement. Made up of seven appointed local residents, the committee serves under City Council for two years.

The Southlake Arts Council meets on all matters related to public art in the area. This group of seven aims to put on events throughout the year that are consistent with public art initiatives and the City’s priorities. Events include Art in the Square, Call to Artists, An Artist’s Master Plan, and other public displays throughout the year.

Students and Parents Against Risk to Our Kids are known as the SPARK initiative in Southlake, TX. The committee’s main focus is the war against drugs and underage drinking, as well as internet misconduct and crime.

The committee combats issues troubling local teens by sharing ideas and information to best identify and meet needs. It educates the community and mobilizes for public policy that best supports local youth.

All boards in the Southlake, TX government serve a purpose bigger than themselves. Members of each committee work as volunteers, in addition to their professional life.

Their efforts are a reflection of the importance of community in Southlake, TX and the passionate, strong collaborative efforts of the city.

10. Know Your Neighbors

Southlake, TX has a population of 28, 361 residents. Over 85% of the residents are white, with Asian, Hispanic, and Black members, too.

Many locals rent homes, although there are some beautiful options in the market to buy as well. The median home price is around $550,000.

No matter which ethnicity, age group, or economic status you hold in the city, Southlake, TX is a home for all. It is a young, vibrant community engaged in building the city and its community life.

City groups, businesses, and councils are committed to excellence in many aspects of life including education, health care, and quality of life.

Safety is also a huge initiative for residents. Many committees are committed to the safety of the city, and the police department offers special programs for those looking to be extra careful.

One such example is the Vacation House Watch program. This provides homeowners with the security of knowing their house is safe while they are absent for extended periods of time.

Opportunities such as this and various activities like the ones mentioned above reflect the joys of living in Southlake, TX.

Many houses are currently on the market, and one could be your next home!

For inquiries about finding your perfect new home and beginning your move to Southlake, contact us today.

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